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Before knowing about Veterans Day we should know who Veterans are and why this day is celebrated. So here in this Veterans Day essay we are going to explain everything about this day. We hope that you will get the answers of all your queries after reading this post.

Essay on Veterans Day 2017
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Veterans Day 2017 Essay Contest:

Veterans are those persons who have served in order to honor and protect their country. Basically the day is celebrated in United States on 11th November every year. Veterans Day is the day that Americans celebrate to honor those who served. Yes we agree that one day is not enough to honor those who have done a lot for country. But this is a tribute to those who lost their lives while serving ion Armed Forces of the country.

This is an occasion to remember those brave people who valued their country's welfare more than their own. Most of them had children, families. Most of them were a single child of their parents but they never thought about that and did not hesitate to give their lives for country's freedom.

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Veterans Day Essay

As a mark of respect, Americans observe a minute of silence at 11 Am on 11 November every year. Many towns and cities also organize memorial Day Services. We can't say no about the fact that the life we are enjoying today is results from the sacrifice if many men and women who lived before us.